Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ooh, Ooh, She's Crafty!

Guess what I got?! A SEWING MACHINE! Not just a sewing machine, but a really awesome, old school, retro sewing machine. A Singer, model number 717, from I think the early 70's. My mother gave it to me when I asked her if I could borrow it. Now, do I know how to sew? Nope. I did take a home economics class in Jr. High, all those many moons ago. I have to admit, if my memory serves me correctly... well, I didn't do so well. But I was young and had no interest. I had other things on my mind, like hating the cheerleaders and listening to Nirvana.

NOW, though. NOW, I am 31 and I want to sew. In particular, I want to make Aromatherapy eye pillows, for headaches and relaxation. I had one of these once, who knows where the heck it is now. I want to make them, in all kinds of pretty colors and patterns. Maybe sell them, on Etsy and at flea markets and craft festivals. I'm getting ahead of myself, now. I can barely sew a straight line.

I went to the library and checked out some books on sewing and sewing machines, I've watched some you tube videos, I'm determined to learn this, and learn it well.

I went to the fabric store, and I fell in love with all the different fabrics, designs, colors, buttons, patterns. I started thinking past just making and selling eye pillows. How about boo boo bags for kids, meditation cushions, throw pillows. Bags, and a really funky quilt.

Here's something about me, though. I tend to get these really awesome ideas, and go all crazy, and I suck at follow through. Within the past year I have spent money that I don't really have on candle making supplies, jewelry making supplies, and a starter kit for selling pure romance. I think I jump into things to quickly, try to do too much at once, not being ready and then getting frustrated when it isn't as easy as I hoped.

I want this to be different. I am going to take my time, learn what I nee to know step by step. Practice, practice, practice. Not let myself get overwhelmed by all that freakin' information! My goodness I had no idea it was so... involved!

So, that is my news. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully, a really cool Etsy shop in the future!

I'd also like to thank you all for your input, advice, and comments. And my new followers for following me. Thank You!!


  1. I can so relate to investing in supplies and then losing interest!
    My advice on sewing - as long as you know how to thread the machine and adjust the tension you are good to go. Pick a project, any project, and work it girl! Oh, and post a pic of it so we can all 'ooh and ahhh'.
    I first learned to quilt using a book 'Quilt in a Day' It took me TWO days but loved making baby quilts for friends [those I could do in a day and they made me look brilliant!]
    Looking forward to seeing your projects!

  2. oh it is such a good thing you want to learn to sew. it can open so many new doors. i didn't sew much as a child, but my grandmother sewed a lot out of necessity (farmer's wife and all) and then i too did the jr. high home ec thing. i could sew alright, but it didn't hold interest. my mother had a giant old green metal sewing machine at home, and sometimes i would sew something small with it.

    and then, when i was 16 - i sort of started dressing differently, and ended up wanting to make a skirt out of ties.... my mother said i had to sew it myself, and so i just plugged away at it until it was done. the seams aren't straight, the casing for the elastic is all wavy - but it still looks pretty good. from then on, it was "oh! kristin can sew!" so, i just sort of did it. i mostly made little things, and costumes, when i was a senior in high school i made my prom dress, and from then on, i was hooked.

    sewing has changed over the years -things for our first apartment, things for babies, things for toddlers, things for a handmade home, quilting....

    my advice (in this super long and probably annoying comment) is to just go for it, and have no apologies! handmade with crooked seams is way better than plastic boughten!!

    and now, you are becoming a fabric addict. soon you will have shelves of a "stash"....

    happy sewing!

  3. I actually felt like a real grown-up when I bought my sewing machine. LOL I like doing it, but then my bipolar sort of gets in the way so it's feast and famine around here.

  4. Good for you!!!

    My wife loves to sew, but mostly she likes sewing by hand. She said it's like meditation to her.